Training in safety measures

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Training in safety measures to be followed in an environment with a high magnetic field is mandatory for all UNF members (i.e., operators, technical team, researchers, graduate and post-doctoral students, and research assistants) and personnel associated with the IUGM, as well as for any other person who is, or may be, required to go to the UNF site.

This training is given by the responsible staff of the UNF, and includes:

  • Basics of Magnetic Fields

  • Safety concepts to follow in an MRI room

  • Safety concepts to follow (COVID-19)

  • Emergency Measures Training

  • Video excerpts on the safety measures to be observed in an MRI room

  • Visit of the UNF

  • Screening form for risk factors associated with high magnetic field exposure

  • Question period

Visit the [MRI Safety Training] page ( to register. The training manager will let you know the next date for this training.

  • All students, researchers, employees, research assistants, etc. who intend to enter UNF for their projects or work must complete the safety training course offered by UNF prior to beginning their projects/work rotation.

  • The course is offered approximately once a month.

  • Future dates can be found on the website.

  • The course is free and lasts approximately 1 hour.

Last modified 03.06.2020