Hardware and software

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UNF provides hardware and software to researchers. Some equipment must be reserved through the reservation protocol of the various UNF facilities in order to use it.

If a researcher wishes to use personal material he/she should send an email to the following address.

Responsibilities and agreements

UNF Material

By using the equipment provided by UNF the researcher and his/her group agree to the following terms:

  • Researchers are responsible for setting up, operating, and returning equipment to its proper place for all materials needed for their experiments.

  • UNF staff is available, during working hours, when assistance is needed; however, the researchers are responsible for the equipment required for their experiments.

Material made available by another research group

In order to use material shared by a research group you will be asked at the time of reservation to add this material as well as to add to your request a pdf detailing the agreement between you and the research group.


UNF Material

  • Computers

    • Presentation of stimuli - Dell precision 3620, 7th gen i5-7500 3.4 GHz, 8GB DDR4 (Windows 10)
  • Material

    • Projector PowerLite L615U (Epson)
    • Presentation of stimuli audio S15 (Sensimetrics)
    • Fiber optic microphone (MR Confon)
    • Fiber optic response boxes:
    • Lumina (Cedrus)
    • FOBRS (Pschology Software Tools)
    • Fiber optic video game controller
    • TTL compatible trigger simulator
  • Softwares:

    • Eprime 2 version standard, Eprime 3, AcqKnowledge v??

Materials provided by other groups

  • Eye tracker (contact)
  • Biopac MP-160 (contact)
    • Electrodermal conductance
    • Plethysmograph
    • Respiration

Simulation room

UNF Material

  • MRI Simulator (Psychology Software Tools)
  • Fiber optic response box FOBRS (Pschology Software Tools)
  • PC windows 7
  • EPrime v2 standard, v3
  • TTL compatible trigger simulator

Materials provided by other groups

No material is shared by other groups. Be the first!

Testing room

UNF Material

  • One table
  • Two chairs
  • One screen (power cable + VGA cable + HDMI cable)

Materials provided by other groups

No material is shared by other groups. Be the first!

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