Phase 3 access request

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To continue your study at UNF, you must submit an access request to resume research activities in Phase 3.

If not already done, we invite you to read the COVID-19 documentation.

Submit your access request

A- For projects that only use the UNF platform (including the mock scanner and the R0743 testing room), please complete the UNF COVID-19 Phase 3 form

B- For projects that use the UNF platform as well as any other CRIUGM office or platform, please complete the CRIUGM COVID-19 Phase 3 Form while taking care to identify all the members of your team who will need to access the UNF.

If you are not a CRIUGM affiliate researcher, you must indicate external researcher after your first name/last name (e.g. Jane Doe-external researcher). At the question “Décrivez sommairement la nature des modifications ou réaménagements des espaces de travail ou des modes de travail des membres de l’équipe…”: Please enter the following sentence: When acquiring imagery at the UNF, our team will respect the COVID-19 security rules put in place by the CRIUGM and the UNF team.

Last modified 08.06.2021