Simulation room

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The simulation room is located within the University Institute of Geriatrics (IUGM). Movement in the UNF facilities is therefore subject to safety and distancing instructions in order to protect the residents and all employees as much as possible.

Opening hours

Regular opening hours

From Monday to Friday, except holidays
9h00-12h00 and 13h00-17h00
If you require technical assistance from UNF staff


The reservation of the simulation room is done via the reservation calendar and the reservation section from the documentation shows you step by step how to do it.

If you need assistance, you must book during normal business hours.


There is no charge for the use of the simulation room. However, it must be used in conjunction with or in preparation for ongoing projects at UNF.


Unlike MRI reservations, no forms are required to use the simulation room.

Available material

All the equipment available for MRI can be found in the section material.

Access and security

When using the simulation room, it is important to ask the person how they feel, as some people are claustrophobic.

  • Researchers must be present during the MRI simulation session to respond to the needs and requests of their participants.

  • Researchers are responsible for the operation and preparation of the simulator, as well as the equipment needed for each session.

  • Inform UNF staff if any problems are noted with any equipment.

Last modified 05.01.2020