Medical Emergency

  • In the event of a medical emergency in the UNF area, call 5555.
  • Identify

    • what the emergency is,
    • where you are
    • who you are.
  • Security will follow the protocol set out by the hospital for the current situation.

  • Usually the Nursing Coordinator and the Master Field Mechanic will response initially.

  • Once the situation has been identified and confirmed, emergency measures will be followed as per the hospital’s policies and procedures manual.

  • In the UNF area, extra precautions must be taken taking into account the high magnetic field, hospital personnel not familiar with the imaging unit and Emergency Response teams from outside the hospital.

    1. Evacuate the MRI room and lock the doors: This will prevent someone from entering who may be unaware of the dangers.

    2. Evacuate the UNF area: participants, visitor and staff must leave the areas to an area not affected by the emergency situation.

    3. Assist Emergency Response Personnel. Depending on the type of emergency, be available to help as needed.

    4. Direct Emergency Responder to area needed: UNF staff know the area better than the Emergency Responder, be available to help as needed.

Medical supplies are in the cabinet in the Patient Preparation area.

Pharmacy ensures the medications are current.