Before you start

Account on the UNF server

In order to use UNF's server at CRIUGM, you need to create an account. This account could either be an individual or a team account.

To obtain an account, or for all account-related inquiries, please contact André Cyr.

Your space

Backup your data

As for user accounts on UNF computers (stark, magma), all documents in your $HOME and those in /data are saved on even and odd evenings, respectively. Documents in /scratch are not saved. Note that copies of deleted documents are kept for one month. Meaning, if you created a document in your $HOME, it was saved overnight and you delete it later, you then have a month from the date the file was destroyed to request a restoration before it disappears forever. Restoration requests can be made at No action on your part is required to activate backups.




Number of cores: 64

Grid queues:

Tools available

L'ensemble des outils disponibles sur les serveurs se font à l'aide de la commande module. La liste des outils disponibles est différente entre les serveurs de calcul

# Liste des outils disponibles
module avail

# Liste des outils actifs
module list

# Activer un outil
module load freesurfer/6.0

# Désactiver un outil 
module unload freesurfer/6.0