Running an experiment – The Big Day

It is helpful to have a checklist to reduce the risk of error during the day of acquisition. All previous sections cover what is important to know, but it is easy to forget.

Upon your arrival

  1. Have all the required forms in hand, completed and signed
  2. Ask your participant to wait in the waiting room while you:
    • Get the uniform
    • Deposite all forms on the table in the area 2 of the UNF. This gives time to the technicians to make the necessary verifications.
    • Prepare the MRI compatible glasses if needed
  3. A UNF staff member will go to the waiting room to review the MRI screening form with your participant as soon as he or she becomes available.
  4. When the previous team finishes and releases the MRI room and the control room, you will be asked to prepare the material for your study if necessary.

Researchers must be present during the MRI acquisition in order to meet the needs and requests of their participants