Uniforms for the participants

The uniforms are in Carollyn HURST and André CYR’s office, which is accessible during the operation hours of the UNF. If the participant arrives at 8: 30 for an acquisition at 9: 00, it will not be possible to have access to uniforms before the arrival of technicians. It is important to anticipate and prepare before the exam. This is the same scenario on lunch time

It is strongly recommended to pick up your uniforms in advance if your acquisition sessions are at 9: 00 am or 13: 00, since you will not have access to uniforms during lunch hour or before 9 : 00 am. You can leave them in the cabinet under the TV if you take them the day before.

  • All participants must change into the UNF uniforms prior to being scanned.

  • Clothing which has metal on it must be removed.

  • Uniforms must come from the UNF and are not to be taken out of the UNF area or used in other areas. THEY CANNOT BE TAKEN OUT OF THE UNF

  • Uniforms are to be laundered after each use; laundry bins are located outside the simulation room and in front of the change room.

  • Uniforms are available in 4 adult sizes:

    • small
    • medium
    • larger
    • extra large tall
  • Uniforms are available in 3 child sizes:

    • 6-8 years
    • 10-12 years
    • 14-16 years