Preparation and presentation of stimuli

This section is intended for students whose protocol includes a part of functional MRI for which experimental stimuli are to be presented.

Preparation of stimuli

When preparing your experiment, it is important to consider what equipment is available at UNF. Contact the UNF Technical Coordinator for questions related to the use of stimuli presentation materials, behavioral data collection or physiological recording.

Every new project is entitled to one hour of scan free of charge for the purpose of testing the protocol and running a pilot scan.

Responsabilities regarding using the equipment

UNF staff are responsible for the operation and preparation of the MRI scanner for each scanning session.

Users, ie researchers, research assistants or student are responsible for setting up and operating equipment required during their experiment and putting back the equipment. This concerns all the equipment needed for their experiments, both in the MRI room and in the control room. UNF staff is available when assistance is required, however the researchers are responsible for the equipment required for their experiments. Responsibilities of users include:

  • Preparation, installation and verification of equipment required in the MRI room for each imaging session. This must be done before the installation of the participant registered in the research project.

  • The connection of all the pieces of equipment required for the presentation of stimuli, the recording of physiological data or the collection of behavioral data.

  • The start of stimulus programs (e.g E-Prime task).

  • Backup of all behavioral data and physiological records.

Available material

  • Stimulus presentation computer
  • Epson Power Lite 8300i Image projector, with custom lens
  • Biopac Physiological data acquisition system
    • Model MP-150
    • AcqKnowledge Acquisition Software, version 3.9.2
  • Response Boxes
    • Cedrus Lumina System
    • FORBS System Psychology Software Tools
  • Fiber Optic Microphone
  • TTL trigger simulator
  • MRI compatible camera 12M model from MRC Systems
  • Iscan RK-464B eyetracking system

Researchers can use other stimulus presentation programs from their laptop. Simply connect the laptop to the video switch to present your stimuli on the projector in the MRI room. Your laptop must have a VGA output or you must have the necessary adapters to connect to an input of this type