Simulation session

The simulator allows you to test/practice your experience and also to show your participants what it is like to be inside a MRI scanner. It is important to ask the person how he/she feels during the simulation because some people are claustrophobic.

  • Researchers are responsible for the operation and preparation of the simulation scanner and equipment needed for each scanning session.

  • Inform UNF Staff if a problem is noted with any of the equipment.

To access the simulation room

  • Verify that the room is available and set-up for your session prior to bringing the participant into the simulation room.

  • Reserving the simulation room

Paperwork required for a simulation session

Unlike MRI reservations, no form is required for use of the simulation room. However, please note that the information and consent form is required by the ethics committee if it is a participant in a study.

Stimuli Equipment and Response Boxes

  • Researchers are responsible for setting up, operating, and returning equipment to it proper place, for all equipment required for their experiments.

  • UNF staff is available, during regular working hours, when assistance is required; however the researchers are responsible for the equipment required for their experiments.

  • Researchers must be present during the mock scanning session to respond to their participants’ needs and requests.

  • Researchers must not leave their participants alone anywhere in zones 1 and 2, including in the room simulation.

Equipment available in the simulation room

Here is a partial list of what is available in the simulation room:

  • Mock scanner with display
  • Computer with stimuli presentation software (e.g. e-prime) connected to the simulation screen
  • Response Gloves
  • Sheets