UNF accounts

In order to successfully complete your MRI study, you must get these two user accounts:

  1. Web calendar account
  2. UNF servers account

1. Account to make reservations

This account will be used to request reservations for the MRI as well as the simulation room by using the UNF calendar website.

To get your account, send an email to reservationunf@criugm.qc.ca with "Registeration - Calendar " as subject. Include the following information:

  1. Your full name, your address and telephone number (day).
  2. Your email address (that will be used to send reservation confirmations).
  3. The full name, address and telephone number of the principal investigator of the research project (if different from 1.)

The system automatically generates the emails. To be sure they do not end up in your junk mail, be sure to add reservationunf@criugm.qc.ca to your contacts.

2. Account to retrieve MRI data

An account on the UNF servers must be created with the system administrator to access your data. Creating the account will only take a couple of minutes, but you will need to go to the CRIUGM to do so. When creating your account, you will be provided with a short explanation of how to use the data download interface.

To make an appointment to create you account, send an email to the following address support.unf@criugm.qc.ca.

Please : note this account is different from the User Name and Password used to make reservations for the MRI and simulation room.