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TOolkit for Analysis in Diffusion MRI (TOAD)

Welcome to the English version of TOAD documentation. Source files as well as installation instructions are available on Github.

TOAD offers an automated pipeline to preprocess diffusion imaging data (DWI/DTI) via various steps:

  1. Data cleaning
  2. Creation of white and grey matter mask
  3. Extraction of the main tracts
  4. Extraction of the main metrics (FA, MD...)

Please take a moment to read the User agreement to understand the terms and conditions you are agreeing by using TOAD!

This website provides a quick-start tutorial to run TOAD (tutorial) as well as a detailled documentation on each step.

The tutorial is also available in PDF file:

We also recommend visiting this page to help you better understand the techniques and analysis methods implemented in TOAD.

The team

Julien Doyon Julien Doyon: scientific director of the UNF (Unité de Neuroimagerie Fonctionnelle)

Simona Brambati Simona Brambati: researcher and co-scientific leader of the project

Arnaud Boré Arnaud Boré: developer and co-scientific leader of the project

Christophe Bedetti Christophe Bedetti: developer and leader of the quality assessment of the project

Jeni Chen Jeni Chen: translation and documentation of the project

Basile Pinsard Basile Pinsard: developer and scientific advisor

Kristina Aurousseau Kristina Aurousseau : translation, documentation of the project and manage google group TOAD

Previous collaborators

Guillaume Vallet Guillaume Vallet: in charge of the documentation and of the website

Mathieu Desrosiers Mathieu Desrosiers: developer

Alexandru Hanganu Alexandru Hanganu: scientific advisor

Word from our director

Today, in-vivo diffusion weighted imaging has become the method of choice for clinicians and researchers in neuroscience interested in exploring the structural connectivity of the brain and spinal cord. Yet, analysis of the data acquired using this magnetic resonance imaging technique still remains complex and non-standardized. Resulting from an exceptional team work, the present platform named "Toolkit for Analysis of Diffusion MRI (TOAD)" provides novice and experts a range of user-friendly tools that allow to verify and visualize, step-by-step, the results obtained following image pre-processing and statistical analyses of various anisotropy and tractography metrics.

As Scientific Director of the Functional Neuroimaging Unit (UNF) affiliated to the “Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal” it is with pride that I thank the entire team of research professionals, students and researchers who, together, created TOAD. I sincerely believe that this pipeline will not only be useful to clinicians, but also to the scientific community in Quebec, Canada and around the world.

Julien Doyon, Ph.D. Scientific Director Functional Neuroimaging Unit

Director Quebec Bio-Imaging Network

Introduction to TOAD (slides)


You can contact us directly by email at:

For any question, please include in the subject line of email, the name of the task or the name of section in TOAD in brackets followed by your question, for example [denoising] how to change the algorithm? or [website] missing information.