Seminar Petra Ritter



Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter
Title: The Virtual Brain – Improving life through simulation
Where: CRIUGM Room E1910 (
When: Wedenesday May 8th,  16h-17h

*The seminar will be presented in English

Prof Ritter is a computational neuroscientist and medical doctor at Charité in Berlin. One of her central research topics is the development of brain simulations for individual people with neurological conditions, combining EEG and neuroimaging data. Prof Ritter studied medicine at Humboldt University Berlin. She did residencies at UCLA, UCSD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and Harvard Medical School, as well as Charité. She completed her doctoral thesis in 2004 at Charité under Arno Villringer. She is a cofounder of The Virtual Brain open-source brain simulation platform. Since October 2017 she has held a lifetime BIH Johanna-Quandt Full Professorship of Brain Simulation at the Dept. of Neurology at the Charité and Berlin Institute of Health.



Petra Ritter @ Berlin Institute for Health (BIH)


Brain Simulation


Petra Ritter’s publications

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