Seminar Christoph T. Weidemann


Speaker:  Christoph T. Weidemann, Ph. D.
Title: The dynamics of memory – Decoding brain activity with machine learning
Where: CRIUGM Room E1910 (
When: Tuesday July 23rd,  13h30-14h30

*The seminar will be presented in English

Dr. Weidemann is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Swansea University in Wales (UK) and currently also a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2006 he obtained a PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science (with a minor in Neuroscience) from Indiana University where he worked with Richard Shiffrin. He then joined Mike Kahana’s lab at the University of Pennsylvania as a post-doc and took up a faculty position at Swansea University in 2010.

His website is at




Even though encoding and retrieval processes are both critical determinants of performance in memory tests, only their joint effects are observable in overt behavior. This has led to contentious debates about the nature of the signal elicited by recognition memory probes and about the relative contributions of
encoding and retrieval processes in interactions between semantic and episodic memory systems. Using machine learning techniques to quantify relevant signals in brain activity as they unfold during engagement in memory tasks I will address these controversies. Specifically, I will present evidence for a single-route account of recognition memory that is compatible with contributions from familiarity and recollection signals, but relies on a unitary evidence signal that integrates all available evidence. I will also particularly implicate retrieval (rather than encoding) processes in the categorical organization of
episodic memories.

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