Séminaire – Désirée Lussier


Présentateur: Désirée Lussier, Candidate au Ph.D.
Titre: Brain structure in Pain and Aging
Endroit: CRIUGM – Local E1910 (http://www.criugm.qc.ca/en/contact.html)
Date: Jeudi 25 octobre 2018, 13h-14h

*La conférence sera présentée en anglais

Désirée Lussier is a postdoctoral candidate at the University of Florida dual specializing in Developmental Psychology and Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience with an anticipated graduation date of May, 2019. Her research interests lie in structural volumetric and connectivity between brain regions in aging, and associated clinical outcomes, using magnetic resonance (MRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Her master’s thesis, completed at the University of Florida in the Department of Psychology, investigated age-differential effects of intranasal oxytocin resting-state functional connectivity in women. She is currently investigating how interindividual variation in brain morphology and the oxytocin system is impacted by and contribute to the experience of pain, pain perception, and cognition in older adults.


This talk will focus on changes in brain structure as a result of aging and chronic pain and the associations with the endogenous oxytocin system. Based on these associations, the potential for intranasal oxytocin as a treatment for chronic pain in older adults will be evaluated and discussed. The contribution of interindividual variation in brain structure on clinical outcome will be considered.

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