MRI Data Processing


Imeka is a team of specialists in diffusion MRI that offers a white matter fibre reconstruction service specifically dedicated to researchers. Their offer includes pre-processing your data, performing quality control and they will give you training on how to analyse and get the most out of your diffusion MRI data.

State of the art diffusion MRI techniques are now available as a tool thanks to Imeka’s support. Contact them right now, they are ready to discuss your project.

Call toll free : 1-888-311-0599
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The neuroimaging analysis kit (NIAK) is a library of pipelines for the preprocessing and mining of connectomes extracted from large functional magnetic resonance imaging data, using GNU Octave or Matlab(r). NIAK is an open-source software distributed under MIT license.

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Spinal Cord Toolbox

The Spinal Cord Toolbox is a comprehensive and open-source library of analysis tools for MRI, FMRI and DTI of spinal cord imaging data. Future upgrades will include new versions of the template and other methods for processing multi-parametric MRI data.

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TOAD (Toolkit for Analysis in Diffusion MRI)

TOAD aims to offer an automated pipeline to process diffusion neuroimaging data. The toolkit uses a large combination of tools (Matlab, FreeSurfer, FSL, Mrtrix) to clean the data, compute different masks, segment maps and then compute fibers, tensors and their associated metrics such as Fractional Anisotropy (FA) and so on.

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