Once your request is approved


If not already done, we invite you to read the COVID-19 documentation.


Once your access request to resume research activities in Phase 3 has been approved by the DEUR of CCSMTL, members of your team must make an appointment with Émilie Dessureault at following the email support.unf@criugm.qc.ca for the formation désinfection COVID-19 and the formation sur le port et retrait des Équipements de protection individuels (ÉPI). These training sessions are face-to-face of approximately 45 minutes.

Research teams must obligatory assist in the disinfection procedure of the areas and equipment used. After each participant, the UNF reserves a period of 30 minutes for disinfection, this time is not paid by the research team.

Evaluation session

In order to plan your MRI session as well as the evaluation session which aims to validate the implementation of COVID-19 security measures, you must contact Émilie Dessureault at following the email support.unf@criugm.qc.ca. You can view the reservation calendar as before to view availability, but you cannot make reservations before your assessment session.

The MRI screening questionnaire and the requisition form are now done online. Once your MRI reservation is confirmed, you will receive the links to the forms. These forms must be completed no later than 24 hours before your reservation. Remember to make sure your participant is MRI compatible when recruiting. You must present the consent form, dsigned, when making your reservation so that the IRM operator can take a picture of it and attach it to the participant’s file. All electronic documents and signatures are saved on UNF servers at CRIUGM.

Reminder! If you have new members on your team, they must complete the mandatory training security and safety in an environment with a high magnetic field. You can contact Émilie Dessureault at following the email support.unf@criugm.qc.ca.

Last modified 11.12.2020